RunnersHigh is an android runner game.

A runner is a game in which the level moves on it’s own and you have to avoid obstacles to move further along the level and gain more score.
The level consists out of randomly generated blocks which move at a certain speeds from right to left. You as a player have to jump from block to block to reach a better score. It’s in a way similar to the popular game canabalt.
It’s written in Java and OpenGL and with the help of the android SDK.

It was published on Google Play in February 2012 and has been installed over 40.000 times since (last check: August 2014).

You can view the source code on github:
Bear in mind that is really old code from my student days *turns-away-in-shame*

Technologies used

Java, Android SDK, Eclipse, OpenGL ES 2.0

My part

Programming in all parts of the game except the highscore, publishing on Google Play