The Red Bull Cliff Diving game is a 2D game based on hitting the right timings with your favourite Cliff Diver. It’s built with the HTML5 game engine Phaser.

It’s part of the website of the Cliff Diving world series and is used there for user engagement and contests.
The game was originally created by an external partner but for the 2017 season I suggested to update the game with our internal team. I took over the coordination of the project and all tech related tasks. Graphics were done by a colleague.

We updated the Divers names, locations and dates. Moved the game to a different domain, reset highscore database, integrated new and updated graphics, removed some languages, implemented some gameplay changes and also optimised the build process (minification and obfuscation).

Technologies used

HTML5, Javascript, Phaser


Web for desktop and mobile devices

My part

HTML5 development, Creative and Tech direction