The The Red Bull BC One 360 booth was an on site experience for visitors of the BC One world finals in Amsterdam.
Visitors could have a 360 video (outside-in) of themselves created which was automatically uploaded to a web backend, processed and displayed on a gallery website within a few moments. The goal was to increase the social reach of the BC One World Finals and to promote the live stream of the event. The resulting shares on various social media platforms like Instagram were very satisfying and made the project worthwhile.

Both the web backend and the on site camera rig were handled by external partners and I was involved to create the overall technical concept for the on-site tech setup, the website and the connection points between them. I supported our partners with the implementation of this concept and steered the project from a technical point.

Technologies used

360 booth camera rig, Python, Typescript, nodejs, Brightcove



My part

Technical direction, leading and supporting external partners