Last Plant

The basic idea of Last Plant was to satisfy both sides of a player. The “good” constructive creative one and the “evil” destructive one.
Unfortunately it’s no longer available to be played online.
Last Plant was a 2D ballistics game (like Angry Birds) where players of the community can build the levels themselves.
If you destroyed the defense of another player you’d get destroyer points. If you built a defense you’d get builder points. You also gain builder points if another player fails to breach you defense.

The game itself was a HTML5 game which was built with the JavaScript Game Engine The Render Engine
The webpage was developed with Ruby on Rails.

The source code is available on github:
You can view the parts I programmed in the master tree under: /public/javascripts/renderengine/lastplantgame

Last Plant was under the finalists of the Mozilla Game On Challenge

Technologies used

Javascript, The Renderengine, HTML5, Ajax

My part

Programming everything within the canvas and communicating with the webpage and database via ajax