Happy Studio features a series of developmental games and activities that help kids develop a wide range of skills while they experiment and solve challenges. For launch, the platform features three epistemic games – challenging the child to think like an Inventor, an Artist and a Musician – with new games to be added going forward.

In Be an Inventor, kids can improve their logic and problem-solving skills as they are encouraged to experiment and watch their creations go off with a bang. They can develop their creativity in Be an Artist as they learn the techniques they need and feel like a real artist at the same time – with some surprising results. Finally in Be a Musician, kids are physically challenged to match musical patterns and learn different sounds and rhythms.

Alongside the games, kids can interact with McDonald’s Happy character and explore his different worlds as well as discover interactive digital books.

To keep the platform fresh and exciting, it’ll be updated every 4 to 6 weeks with children’s favorite characters from TV, film and games.

Happy Studio launched to 42 countries in Europe by January 2016 for iOS, Android and on the web. It was later made available for countries worldwide.
By end of 2021 Happy Studio (now called Happy Meal App) reached over 5 million downloads on Android alone.

Technologies used

Unity, C#, Git, Jenkins

My part

Technical lead in a team of 25, responsible for overall technical solution, design of continuous integration workflow, developing parts of the core framework and UI